Keeping Logs of Creative Ideas

Today’s article details a practice that I’ve been a long time practitioner of. The technique is suggested for the workplace, but I’ve found it a great technique in all of my design work, too.

I’ve always kept idea logs. In middle school and high school, the margins of my notebooks were filled with doodles and jottings as I planned out various projects. In college, I switched to tabbed notebooks where one entire tab was dedicated to this purpose, although it wasn’t long before I was marking in the margins and even writing in the back of a course’s section, which led to funny things sometimes.

Last year, I bought myself a beautiful notebook, and I now use a combination of that notebook, an online journal, a plog, and Outlook to record and organize these ideas. It’s wonderful!

I can’t imagine wandering without having an idea journal handy.


One thought on “Keeping Logs of Creative Ideas

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