That Hot Tourist Spot Looks Like Ancient Ruins!

I guess one could say I’m a bit baffled by the practices of the city council here. I live in one of the ten largest cities in the United States, and you’d never guess it from watching our illustrious city leaders.

One of the best things about San Antonio ten years ago is what is still the best selling factor about the city. San Antonio is a great tourist trap. Well, it used to be, at least. Now, we’re a city with little or no culture. Any landmark facilities in town have either been demolished or are in such horrid states of disrepair that people don’t want to visit them any more.

We also have two major theme parks that are nearly impossible to get to easily. We have two sports arenas that double as convention centers and concert halls. The city sees little of the revenue from three of these facilities since they are all privately owned ventures. In the case of one of the arenas, it is a private venture publically financed by the taxpayers of San Antonio. The city council doesn’t see this as a problem.

Then there’s the matter of the city council making these fabulous deals to pull all sorts of things here. Yep. San Antonio has paid out millions of dollars in the past three years alone to bring Cowboy training camp here, plus one of the large beuaty pageants, plus other events meant to draw people to visit San Antonio.

Yes, I said that correctly. The taxpayers of San Antonio have had their tax money spent to bring these people here, using money that could be used to keep up the tourist attractions that benefit the city.

We’re run by businessmen who haven’t the first clue how to do business.


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