Redundant Namings

Today’s exploration in choosing names comes from recent conversations I’ve had about excellent hamburger joints in San Antonio. My mother is on a quest to find the best burger in the area, and she is leaving no stone unturned.

As we were discussing various places she has tried and places that are on her list, she brought up a restaurant that closed last year that was named “Uncle Tio’s”. Now, if you have any Spanish training (and growing up in South Texas, it’s really hard not to have learned any), you’ll notice this translates to “Uncle Uncle’s”. Apparently, this place didn’t last long, and it’s easy to see where someone who was borderline bilingual might have scoffed this place on account of the poor name.

This goes hand in hand with another name I saw in a piece of writing while I was editing that was changed on my recommendation when I explained that the name, “Grandfather Abuelo”, was redundant.

As usual, I concede that being cute can go a long way to help keep your business memorable. However, this is yet another case where being cute was a bit uncalled for and ultimately led to the business closing. When chosing a name, always remember to not alienate part of your potential customer base.


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