Current Reading Habits

I’ve become quite amused by my current reading habits. I have started devoting spare money to books, a habit I haven’t had since high school. What’s truly amusing is how I choose to spend my book money.

Over the summer, I obtained my first manga: the first four volumes of Fruits Basket and the first volume of Ranma 1/2. If you are unfamiliar with the term manga, it refers to graphic novels from Japan. Many also have an anime version. Earlier this year, a friend introduced me to Fruits Basket in anime style. When I found the manga, I just went nuts and bought them all. The fifth comes out next month, and I can hardly wait! Ranma 1/2 is a throwback to my college days, although I’m collecting the reprints. The fun part about the Fruits Basket manga that is lacking from the Ranma 1/2 manga is that they are printed right to left, the way they read in Japan. I really thought I’d have a hard time with it, but it was actually much easier to follow. I was actually disappointed to see that Ranma 1/2was printed left to right, and actually struggled to follow the panels.

I also acquired my first Mercedes Lackey books, again going nuts and buying an entire trilogy because it was the first time I’d ever seen the first one. Many people have recommended that I read Magic’s Pawn, but I never did either because I ignored them or I couldn’t find it. It turns out to have been an excellent recommendation. I couldn’t read them quickly enough! There are certain elements that mirror some elements in my Amtgard persona’s world’s history.

I then came home to discover Digital Fortress waiting for me. We’ve all become minor Dan Brown fanatics around here, so I wasn’t too surprised. However, I pretty much read the entire book at jury duty yesterday. (Not surprisingly, I read Angels and Demons in a day or so right before leaving for Minnesota.) So today while we were out, I bought my second Tom Clancy book. This is not to say that I only own two of his books. This is to say that, with the exception of these two, my entire Tom Clancy collection has been a gift at various times over the past ten years. It was interesting when I realized that the last one I purchased for myself was The Hunt for Red October for a high school assignment.

It’s just very interesting to note what my reading habits have been over the past ten weeks.


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