Temari Resources

Here is the next installment in resource-gathering for those who stumble upon this humble blog. Today’s topic is the nearly lost Japanese art of temari. Temari is a simple, elegant craft where patterns are wrapped or stitched onto balls to make beautiful playthings. There are several basic patterns, but I find that those who practice this art encourage creativity in temari designs. Designing temari was actually part of the art’s joy as artisans competed to create designs to dazzle the noble recipient.

I started learning temari a few months ago. So far, I have completed one ball, but I have a pile of nylons that are just begging to be turned into temari balls. I chose to start with the spindle pattern, which is one of the simpler patterns. This pattern can be interlocked to create a simple, yet playful design. One of the biggest challenges I encountered while working on my temari was wrapping the working thread around the holding thread above the previous stitch. It turns out that if you don’t, the stitches lump together and refuse to lie flat. Despite my early mistakes, I was able to create a reasonably nice first attempt.

Temari is fairly simple for the beginner. The most difficult problem I encountered was setting up my initial strings to stitch on.

Now for some resources. If your site is on this list on you wish it to not be linked to, please email me and I will remove it. If you would like your site added to this list, please email me and I will review it and add it.

A great book:
The Craft of Temari

Some web resources:
TemariKai Patterns
Judy’s Temari 101 She was apparently bullied off the web. Stupid humans.
How to Make a Temari


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