Quilling Resources

I’m noticing a number of people visiting here in searches for various crafts. That’s just neat! In the hopes of being actually useful to these people, I’m going to post some resources to some of my newer crafts and favorite crafts. As always, if you find websites that you think should be part of my resources, feel free to comment. If your website is linked here and you do not want it linked, please email me and I will remove the link.

Today’s resources will focus on the craft of quilling. If you are unfamiliar with this craft, quilling (also known as paper filigree or twirled paper) is a craft that is at least a couple of hundred years old. Most of the examples I’ve seen are from Colonial America, but I understand the craft was also practiced in Medieval and Renaissance times.

The craft itself is simple enough that resource books are being published for children. You take a quilling tool, which is a small stick with a narrow, slotted tip. You place a strip of paper into the slot and gently roll the paper around the tip. When you have made it the size you want, you twist the tool backwards slightly and slowly slip the roll off the tip. You can either glue the strip at this point, or you can let it uncoil a bit before gluing it and then pinch it into various designs. These designs are called tiles and you can make all sorts of pictures and 3-D objects with them. My favorite to date are a quilled chess set and chess board.

This craft is starting to gain in popularity, making it much easier to find materials and patterns.

Some great books:
The Search Press Book of Traditional Papercrafts
The Book of Paper Quilling
Twirled Paper

Some fun websites:
Quilling Information- Techniques, Designs & Ideas
Project Index of Quilled Cards


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