More Interesting Names

I’m on vacation this week in Seattle, Washington. In two days, I’ve managed to see most of the city by driving (or by being driven, as the case has been). If you have never been to Seattle, I’d highly recommend it. After two days, I’m starting to think about researching Washington’s laws for starting a small business and researching how grassroots business launches fare here.

Anyway, on today’s tour, I saw two businesses that deserved to be added to the name collection. The first is a consignment shop not too terribly far from Juanita Beach named “Fashion Cents”. I like it. It manages in two words to capture the charm and allure of a consignment store.

The second is a nice play on words. It’s a tire store right off one of the highways named “Pacific Rim Center”. The joke here is the reference to both a tire rim and the Pacific Rim, which Seattle is located on.

Thumbs up to both clever business owners!


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