The Concept of White Space in One’s Life

This great article suggests that managers need to create more “white space” in their workplace [dead link], but I think the metaphor can be further extended into all areas of one’s life.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, white space is an important part of anything published. White space is necessary to give the eyes a chance to relax between processing text and images. Otherwise, the eyes start suffering from strain, and they soon stop looking at what you want them to look at.

I think the concept of creating more “white space” in one’s life is an interesting one. One that many of my friends will be speaking to me about once they see this and it sinks in. When you don’t step back and take a break once in a while, it leaves you empty, and then you’re absolutely no good to your business.

Perhaps I can start by physically adding white space to my to-do list, as a visual reminder to add it to my daily activities as well.


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